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PwrSwitch automatically documents SMS, emails and call logs.

PwrSwitch provides comprehensive two-way communication reports for professionals working in the resolution of family conflict.

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Too many screenshots?


For counsel professionals: People come to you in the worst of times: they’re looking for guidance. PwrSwitch gives your clients a sense of control, a roadmap for how to regulate both themselves and the other party, and a method for you to help them effectively track and manage all their communications. It’s technology that makes your work easier and your time more productive. 

Work with better, more easily managed evidence: Collection is automated, satisfying the need for a comprehensive, objective communications record. From time and date stamped reports you can quickly search, highlight and redact. No training required, so PwrSwitch is effortlessly integrated into your existing workflow. Interested a demo: Contact us

For individuals: Break ups can be hard. Even harder if there’s conflict and you’re on the receiving end of a deluge of texts and emails. You’ve either been told you need to document all these communications or you instinctively know you must. Either way, dealing with 100’s of screenshots and email forwards is overwhelming.

Protect yourself, be free of the mental and physical burden of collection and let PwrSwitch do the work for you. Gain peace of mind, time and save thousands in legal fees as the service effortlessly collects and compiles all conversations between you and your ex in a single document.

How it works


Mobile Automated Collection

Communications are saved in a secure, time and date stamped, word searchable document on the cloud.


Historical Communications

PwrSwitch can recover and compile years of past communications if you haven’t deleted them.


Counsel documentation

Effortlessly organize evidence to support claims for legal, separation, divorce and/or parenting conflicts.


  • Comprehensive, automated, two-sided collection of sms, email, call logs

  • Channel, date and time of messages clearly identified

  • Un-editable

  • Word and date searchable

  • Simplified or Source Code reports



  • See patterns of behaviour at a glance

  • Avoid “he said/she said”

  • Reduce time, resources and costs managing communications

  • Better evidence means successful outcomes more likely

  • Cloud based storage means evidence is secure 

  • Offers individuals a sense of control and safety

PwrSwitch takes the guesswork out of proving a pattern of behaviour. Mark my words: it’s going to change lives.
— Andrea LaRochelle, High Conflict Communications Strategist