The Abuse You Receive Isn't Personal

“You’re fat/ugly/stupid, you’re bi-polar, you’re an unfit mother, etc. – they all say the same things.” Your ex is incapable of managing his or her emotions, so lashing out, blame and feeling like a victim are all dependable reactions to anything they don’t like.

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Carrie Gour
Too Smart to be Abused

What if I told you that two separate studies, one done in the US and one in Norway, found that educated, well-paid women with good careers are more likely to suffer certain kinds of domestic abuse than those who are less educated or stay at home?

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Beth Thompson
Want to end digital harassment? Document it.

It’s embarrassing. It’s horrifying. It takes up untold mental real estate.

I’m talking about being cyber-harassed by someone you used to love. Relentlessly. You ended a relationship only to have it be the beginning of another kind of relationship. One conducted entirely via text, voice call, email or social media. Usually, you’re tormented by some combination of the bunch.

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