PwrSwitch is:


Currently available for Android only. Sign up at bottom of page to receive emails on iOS release.

Discreet: No notifications will be sent to the person whose messages you are backing up.

Secure: Once collected, a signing certificate ensures communications are not edited.

It should take about 5 minutes to set up a free account. This will provide a complete record of the past 7 days of communication between you and one other person.


Why upgrade?

The paid version of PwrSwitch:

  1. automatically tracks all sms/text messages, emails and call logs between you and another person (the “Sender”) from the date you sign up, for the 6 month introductory period.

  2. consolidates all text and email history stored on your phone between you and the Sender into a single, chronological document.

This is a limited-time introductory pricing of $50 for 6 months of ongoing communication tracking; just $2/week. We want to help you, while you help us by providing feedback on what you like, what you wish it did better and what other functionality you’d like to see.


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